Two girls. Two guys. Sex like you’ve never seen.
5:25 min.
Dir. T. Arthur Cottam

Starring Jim Lightfood, Jenna Leigh, Annie Teegardin and John Falchi.

“A bluntly satiric look at the iconography of pornography narratives, this video reconstitutes typical porn dialogue into deadpan banter, devoid of passion, calling attention to the absurdly constructed nature of the sex film and its audience’s subsequent desensitization.” -Chicago Underground Film Festival

“The piece makes you laugh while illustrating one of the paradoxes of smut: At its core, it’s rather idiotic and boring.” -Los Angeles Times

WINNER of 9 awards, including Best Short Film, Milan Film Festival. Official Selection of over 80 film festivals.  17 straight years on the film festival circuit. Most watched film in the history of (which became

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