Jessica Amal-Rice (star, co-producer, co-writer of JELQING FOR GAINS) passed away from EGFR-positive lung cancer in 2021, just two short years after shooting JELQING FOR GAINS.

She was not a smoker. EGFR-positive lung cancer is caused by a gene mutation, not cigarette smoke. Anyone with the gene mutation in their DNA can contract the disease at any time. There is no cure and life expectancy is 1-3 years.

To honor her memory and to help combat this horrific condition, Dirty Little Shorts is raising money for City of Hope. Treatment is currently being developed¬† to prolong–and hopefully one day save–the lives of others who have had the misfortune of contracting EGFR-positive lung cancer.

100% of the donations go directly to City of Hope to combat EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer.